Nooria Mission works in partnership with other NGOs, governments, corporate and charitable trusts and foundations, to influence policy and programmes working towards sustainable livelihoods in just societies.

Through training, consultancy and public events, Nooria Mission promotes the work of NGOs and those supporting them especially in the rehabilitation of civil society where it is endangered or suppressed, working for the inclusion and empowerment of the poorest and most marginal groups.

Founded in 1997

As an international non government organistation (NGO) that serves civil society and endorses gender equity, Nooria Mission’s participatory approach draws on long experience in serving the the rural community in Bangladesh and recently as a registerered charity with the charity commission in England and Wales.

The skills of Nooria Mission’s ethnically diverse staff are complemented by the expertise of associates, board members and international alliances and partnerships to ensure that Nooria Mission’s services are relevant and of the highest quality.